Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching can help women with all of these issues:


I first trained as a therapist over ten years ago. For me, my training was just the start in a very long journey of self development, although I didn’t know it at the time. I’d always felt that life was difficult for me. I’d had eating disorders, alcohol issues, a list of phobias, social anxiety, depression and OCD. I coped with drink, compulsive behaviours and by pouring myself into work.

When I eventually felt I’d reached breakdown point (again), a new counsellor who I visited suggested to me that I might have Autism Spectrum Disorder. The thought had never occurred to me but as soon as I started researching, I felt like a whole new world was opening up to me – one which explained why I was the way I was. This new awareness allowed me, over time, to begin to live a life which was more authentic – where I stopped trying to please other people of fit with what was expected of me.

At the same time, I realised that the naivety and black and white thinking which characterise women with Autism Spectrum Disorder had made me vulnerable to narcissistic abuse and gaslighting. Again, this knowledge was crucial in allowing me to move forwards in a more empowered manner.

I’ve now shared everything I know about women with autism in my latest publication “Women with Autism: Accepting and Embracing Autism Spectrum Disorder as You Move Towards an Authentic Life”.


I now write regularly for Psychology Today as one of their experts, and mainly focus on Narcissistic Abuse and Autism Spectrum Disorder in women. My work with women with ASD helps them to establish whether or not they may have ASD (although I can’t offer an official diagnosis) and I help them to come up with strategies which will allow them to behave in ways which respects their neurodiversity. Whatever age you are (and I was in my late forties before being diagnosed), it’s possible to lead the next part of your life in a way which is true to you.

Narcissistic abuse and gaslighting goes straight to the core of who you are as a human being, right down to affecting whether you can name a favourite colour or pastime. I work with people to help them find a sense of “self”, no matter how battered and bruised that self has become over the years.


  • PhD in Anthropology
  • Accredited Diploma in Executive and Life Coaching
  • Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy
  • Licensed Practitioner Hypno-Band
  • Accredited Practitioner HypnoBirthing The Mongan Method
  • Accredited Practitioner HypnoMothering
  • Accredited Practitioner Fertile Body Method
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Counselling Skills (University of Strathclyde)
  • Member of General Hypnotherapy Register