Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching can help women with all of these issues:

Inner child hypnotherapy

Do you ever feel yourself responding to situations in a way which feels disempowered? Do you find your weak points easily triggered during a meeting at work? Or react in a highly sensitive way to comments from your friends or partner, which you later end up regretting? We all have an ‘inner child’ within us (with our other states being adult and parent) – and sometimes this inner child part of us reacts in a way which is, for want of another word, childish. Whilst you may be a woman in your forties with two kids and a demanding job, there’s still a part of you which didn’t receive a sufficient level of love and attention as a child. Perhaps you were criticised by your parents. Or were bullied at school. Or your mum was anxious, which led you to be fearful as a child. Although you’re a responsible adult most of the time now, certain people and situations make you feel like a small, lost, frightened child – which is a very disempowering and scary place to operate from. When I’m working with clients, I help them to connect with their inner child using hypnotherapy. I encourage them to listen to their inner child, and to offer their child help and reassurance – instead of ignoring and locking away their inner child. Just as a real child needs that support – so does your inner child. When you being to connect and help your inner child in this way, you can begin to take back more control as an adult, to set clear, firm, kind boundaries with your inner child and to recognise when you’re in that child state.

To arrange a hypnotherapy appointment with me in Prestwick, or via Skype, please contact me and let’s start working together to heal your inner child.

Hypnosis and the shadow self

One of the ways I work with clients, using hypnotherapy, is to work with their ‘shadow self’. The shadow self was a term first used by Carl Jung to describe that part of us which is hidden – both to others and to ourselves – but which is responsible for causing us to act in certain ways. We have a persona which we think of as ‘us’ – but underneath what we know and show of ourselves is another self. This shadow self – may cause us to think and act in certain ways, which might seem very at odds with how we want to think and act. Let’s take someone who really wants to find love and have a fulfilling relationship. But every time they start a new relationship, they find themselves sabotaging it and cheating on their partner. Another person loves their job and wants to progress up the career ladder, but they fail to apply for the jobs they want because, deep down, they feel they aren’t good enough. In both these cases, the shadow self is causing us to act and think in ways which go against what we feel we want. The shadow self isn’t all bad – it can be a fountain of creativity, of deep insight, and can be assertive and aware of what we really need, when we have been raised to act against our better instincts.

What is the point of looking at our shadow self? Isn’t it better just to pretend that it doesn’t exist? The thing is, it does exist – and denying it just means that it’s controlling certain thoughts and actions. Let’s say your shadow self is deeply hurt and upset, because you were neglected as a child. When these thoughts surface, you push them down and present a happy face to the world. But, deep down, you’re still hurt and upset – you just choose to take your feelings out on your partner who reminds you of the mother who didn’t love you. Or let’s say you have resentment and anger because your father left when you were little, and your mum depended heavily on you. Perhaps you turn that resentment and anger inwards, and become depressed and anxious.

 If you’re experiencing anxiety, depression or loss of confidence, or are engaged in addictive and self-sabotaging behaviour, exploring your shadow self in a state of deep calm and relaxation, where your creative mind is carefully allowed to explore and accept the shadow can be extremely helpful.

To make an appointment for a shadow self hypnotherapy session via Skype or at my office in Prestwick, please get in touch.

How effective is hypnotherapy for smoking cessation?

Many of the hypnotherapy clients I see in Prestwick, South Ayrshire ask me how effective hypnotherapy is in helping people to stop smoking. Many studies have shown that it is as, or more, effective than nicotine replacement therapy – and it doesn’t involve repeatedly putting chemicals into your body. I have helped so many people stop smoking with hypnosis, and can safely say that clients have about a 75% success rate – which is fantastic when you think of how many people try to stop, and then fail. What makes these clients stand out is their determination to stop – the first question I will ask you is, “on a scale of 1 – 10, with 10 being utterly determined, how determined are you to stop smoking?”. If you rate yourself as 5 or under, I’ll suggest that you go and think about things as perhaps you’re not motivated enough. Hypnotherapy can really help you stop smoking – but it needs your motivation! If you can answer between a 7 and 9 on that scale, we can work together. Smoking cessation packages are £110 which includes a 90 minute session, personalised MP3 track and free follow up session if required.

Give your child superhero powers!

One of the most important things my younger clients learn is that they have a superhero within them. That – no matter what messages they receive from kids at school, critical teachers or parents, or society in general – they can access their inner strength whenever they need to. This works brilliantly for kids who have been disempowered, and who have been labelled as ‘shy’ (which is often used negatively by adults). No matter how ‘shy’ a child is, they can secretly dig deep – and a kid who isn’t outwardly confident often has a deep sense of knowing their inner strengths. Hypnotherapy is a great way to help them identify these strengths, and quickly access them whenever they need to. Fantastic for resilience building at a young age!

What happens when we ‘give up’ alcohol?

What happens when we ‘give up’ alcohol? I imagine that most of us think our lives will suddenly become a lot bleaker, that we’ll have less fun and that we will become boring as hell – the type of person that other people side swerve at a party. When we think of ‘giving up’ something we immediately think that we’re losing out and that whatever alcohol currently gives us – whether it is a false sense of bravado at a party, or a cut off point from the kids in the evening for some ‘me time’ – is going to leave a gaping black hole when we stop drinking. I know I thought this – although I felt tired, had low immunity, sore muscles and anxiety and although I lied through my teeth to the doctor about how much I drank (usually settling on a realistic sounding 10 units a week) – and the fear of having to live with that perceived blank space was what kept me drinking. Most of my clients are the same – they know instinctively that drinking is affecting them in a range of negative ways, but they’re too scared to stop because they’ve become reliant on what they perceive to be all the benefits of consuming alcohol, such as being able to handle social situations, shutting off from the pain in their lives and ‘treating’ themselves. Once you’ve stopped drinking, after the first few days or so when the psychological and physical cravings may be particularly strong, you’ll probably start to notice that you sleep better, than your anxiety levels drop and that you have the time and energy to do things that you may never have done before (or neglected for some time). But what else is there? When you’re not clocking out large chunks of the day with booze, you may be forced to have a better look at your life, which can be scary. It’s important to ask yourself, what else do I want from life? What can fill the blankness? What can I do, or gain, now that I’ve stopped drinking? This can be anything from small treats, like spending your ‘drinking’ money on a massage or a new pair of jeans, to thinking about how you might use that energy to do something fun, or to go even further and think what job opportunities might be available to you now that you’re a calmer, energised and more financially responsible person.

Ayr hypnotherapy & life coaching

I have a new office in Ayr – providing hypnotherapy for Ayr, Prestick, Troon and surrounding areas. I am based at the very comfortable Ayrshire Counselling and Therapy Centre in Wellington Square. Please give me a call if you’d like to arrange an appointment. I’m really looking forward to working with Ayrshire clients following a move to the area!

Psychologies magazine featured coach!

April’s edition of the very popular Psychologies magazine features my work as a coach with Clem Felix. When she contacted me, Clem was considering HRT because of overwhelming issues in her life. After our work together, she worked on issues which had been bubbling under the surface for many years to explode during perimenopause. We also worked on diet and lifestyle and those changes which were useful to her NOW – and not as the person she was twenty years ago. If you’d like to change your life in a similar way, please contact me for a free consultation.

Hypno-Band – hypnosis gastric band summer offer!

Thoughts at this time of year turn to getting fit and weight loss.
Summer offer – 2 intense Hypno-Band sessions, nutritional information & CD for £100

So how does it work? Virtual gastric bands are fitted in a state of hypnosis, which helps you to accept those suggestions that I am making. In this relaxed, creative and accepting mode – as long as you are motivated and willing to accept what I am saying – you will accept that you have had a gastric band fitted. The band is fitted by suggesting to your subconscious mind that you are experiencing operation conditions. The experience is enhanced by sounds and smells associated with a hospital setting so that your subconscious mind accepts it as being a very real experience.

As with a physical gastric band, you will find yourself unable to eat large amounts as the stomach will feel smaller and will feel fuller quickly. The sensation is not painful, but if you try to eat through it, discomfort may be experienced – just as with a real gastric band.

The “fitting” of the gastric band is combined with suggestions about behavioural change and increasing confidence which help motivate you and help you fully commit to your weight loss journey. I also offer nutritional advice and teach you self-hypnosis so that can enhance the work you have done with your hypnotherapist following the session. With motivation to succeed, and particularly for people who tend to eat large amounts or may have problems recognising those signals which tell them it is time to stop eating, the virtual gastric band can be a good way to completely change eating habits.

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