Collaboration – A-Z of life coaching & therapy terms

Next in my A-Z of therapy terms is ‘collaboration’ – by which I mean, collaboration between hypnotherapy/ life coaching clients and myself. A – fairly reasonable – expectation from life coaching or hypnotherapy clients who are coming to see me for the first time is that I will tell them what to do. The transaction between us will be one of them having a problem or issue which they need help with and me providing the help and the expertise required.

This is very different to what actually happens during a hypnotherapy or life coaching session! Firstly, my starting point is that you are the expert on, well, you. You’ve lived with yourself from day one. You know the things that make you click. You know what excites you. You know what you’re good at and can remember the time when you’ve demonstrated some amazing skills. You know what it takes to make you feel valued and loved and cared for. You also know what causes you problems. You know your weak spots. You know the triggers which make you feel overwhelmed or out of control. I want to find out all these things, but you’re always going to be more of an expert on yourself than I ever can be!

So, rather than me tell you what’s best for you, we collaborate. We work as a team. I had a wonderful personal trainer once – she would turn up once a week and work me really hard, but tailor our sessions to my levels of fitness and health. Although she expertly guided me, I had to put in a huge amount of effort. We worked as a team and my fitness was the best it had ever been. My role as a life coach and therapist is very similar to that of a personal trainer – I’ll be there, helping you dig deep, working together with you to see what’s the best direction for you and keeping you on track – during and in between our sessions.

Having a successful life coaching experience is all about collaboration. We’re equals in this. I’ll spend time getting to know you, finding out about your best qualities, exploring where you want to go, helping you to identify the resources you have to get there. If you have a bad week, I’ll be there to support you and help you get back on track. There’s no judgement in this collaboration – we’re both completely honest with each other about what’s working and what’s not, and how we can fix any week bits.

The result of collaborating rather than me telling you what to do? You come out stronger, more resilient and you’ve got all YOUR skills to take forwards when our sessions together are finished.