How effective is hypnotherapy for smoking cessation?

Many of the hypnotherapy clients I see in Prestwick, South Ayrshire ask me how effective hypnotherapy is in helping people to stop smoking. Many studies have shown that it is as, or more, effective than nicotine replacement therapy – and it doesn’t involve repeatedly putting chemicals into your body. I have helped so many people stop smoking with hypnosis, and can safely say that clients have about a 75% success rate – which is fantastic when you think of how many people try to stop, and then fail. What makes these clients stand out is their determination to stop – the first question I will ask you is, “on a scale of 1 – 10, with 10 being utterly determined, how determined are you to stop smoking?”. If you rate yourself as 5 or under, I’ll suggest that you go and think about things as perhaps you’re not motivated enough. Hypnotherapy can really help you stop smoking – but it needs your motivation! If you can answer between a 7 and 9 on that scale, we can work together. Smoking cessation packages are £110 which includes a 90 minute session, personalised MP3 track and free follow up session if required.