Inner child hypnotherapy

Do you ever feel yourself responding to situations in a way which feels disempowered? Do you find your weak points easily triggered during a meeting at work? Or react in a highly sensitive way to comments from your friends or partner, which you later end up regretting? We all have an ‘inner child’ within us (with our other states being adult and parent) – and sometimes this inner child part of us reacts in a way which is, for want of another word, childish. Whilst you may be a woman in your forties with two kids and a demanding job, there’s still a part of you which didn’t receive a sufficient level of love and attention as a child. Perhaps you were criticised by your parents. Or were bullied at school. Or your mum was anxious, which led you to be fearful as a child. Although you’re a responsible adult most of the time now, certain people and situations make you feel like a small, lost, frightened child – which is a very disempowering and scary place to operate from. When I’m working with clients, I help them to connect with their inner child using hypnotherapy. I encourage them to listen to their inner child, and to offer their child help and reassurance – instead of ignoring and locking away their inner child. Just as a real child needs that support – so does your inner child. When you being to connect and help your inner child in this way, you can begin to take back more control as an adult, to set clear, firm, kind boundaries with your inner child and to recognise when you’re in that child state.

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