Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching can help women with all of these issues:

Life coaching

For most women, discovering that they’re autistic comes as a relief. But it’s not all plain sailing. When you’ve discovered why particular things are difficult for you and why you have particular needs, much as it’s freeing, you also need to work out what comes next. Dealing with a diagnosis, or choosing to self-diagnose as autistic based on your knowledge, can be difficult. Many women are worried about what their lives will look like from this point forward. There’s often a fear that certain opportunities will be unavailable if you’re autistic. Relationships might take some adjustment. And you might wonder how you deal with situations at work, at home and generally out in the world armed with the knowledge that you’re autistic.

I’ve been through all of those emotions, fears and concerns and I’ve come out of the other side so much happier for knowing that I’m autistic! I’ve gone from putting on an act all the time, masking, to being myself. And I’ve helped so many other women work out who their authentic self is and how to let her shine through. Recognising that you’re autistic means recognising that you have a different way of viewing the world which is creative, inspiring and often unusual. Instead of hiding your autistic gifts, it’s time to celebrate who you are. If all this sounds far-fetched (and it might, depending on what stage of your journey you’re on), I’ve witnessed the change in my clients when they’ve decided this is their time to do things differently.

Whatever you need to focus on will be the focus of our sessions. Some women find that their most important need is to find an authentic voice. For others, they need to learn when to say no and start putting themselves first. Others want to focus on managing difficulties in the work place and creating a more supportive environment for themselves. Whatever your precise needs, at the heart of my coaching programme is helping you to discover your authentic, autistic self and learning how to shape a world which you deserve.

All sessions are delivered via zoom and comprise four, hour-long sessions. They are open to you whether you are self-diagnosed, have received a clinical diagnosis or have been through my non-clinical autism assessment.

Included within my Becoming an Authentically Autistic Woman Programme:

Initial client intake form

4 hour long coaching sessions

Catch up form in-between each session

Email support between sessions

Written summary of our sessions


Programme fee £600

Sessions can be booked here (please note, 24 hours notice is required for rescheduling sessions otherwise the full session fee is applicable. Once you have booked a coaching package refunds are not available).

If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.