Seeing the dolphin – how life coaching & hypnotherapy can change perspective

A few days ago, after a busy day at work, I saw a dolphin in the wild. I should point out that I’m lucky enough to run my hypnotherapy practice and training school in Prestwick, on the west coast of Scotland, a few minutes from the sea. Apart from the occasional seal, and an abundance of sea birds, I haven’t seen any other sea life out there before. That night, the calm, mirror-like sea’s surface was broken by the movement of a dolphin, rhythmically making it’s appearance as it made it’s way south. I’d been feeling tired that evening, and had some non-work related stresses going on, and suddenly I felt rejuvenated. I walked as fast as I could, following the dolphin, feeling more energised and excited each time I saw its fin and smooth body appear and disappear.

 I’ve seen dolphins before, once in the wild swimming beside a boat I was on, and in captivity. And I was lucky enough to sea a whale of the coast of Shetland, but this particular sighting of the dolphin, unexpectedly, in the town where I live made a huge impact on me. Metaphorically, it reminded me that, although our worlds can become tied up with routine, seeing the same faces, doing the same things and sometimes feeling that our worlds are small and closed in, in fact there is a huge world out there. Just in that small stretch of water which I could see, there is so much life. I don’t know where that dolphin was heading, but possibly to places I’ve never been to. Metaphorically, seeing the dolphin reminded me of the vastness of life and how small and inconsequential those little issues I’d been facing that week really were.

 When I’m working with you as a hypnotherapy or life coaching client, whether from my office in Prestwick or via Skype or Zoom, part of my role is to help shift your perspective. It’s very easy to allow our worlds to become small and to focus in on each and every negativity. Maybe someone was nasty to you at work. Or your finances are stretched this month. Or your business isn’t bringing in the clients you wanted. Whatever it is, by focusing in too much on what’s not going right you can risk getting very caught up and end up feeling that NOTHING is going your way. As a hypnotherapist and life coach, I will help you to see the bigger picture. I’ll help you to recognise that although things might not be exactly the way you want them to be, they’re not overwhelmingly bad either. When you get a bit of distance from your problems – with the help of a life coach or hypnotherapist – you can develop a far healthier perspective. From this healthier perspective, you can begin to focus on potential solutions. You know that expression, ‘you can’t see the wood for the trees?’. Well, that’s what I’m talking about here – giving you the distance to see the wood (the bigger picture) instead of being so caught up in the trees that you can’t see a way out.