Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching can help women with all of these issues:

The ASD Approach


If you are an adult woman with Autism Spectrum Disorder and you’ve sought out therapy before, you might have found that it wasn’t quite as helpful as you’d hoped.

This is because many therapeutic approaches just don’t work that well for women with Autism Spectrum Disorder. A focus on feelings and emotions, and looking for the emotional root of problems can miss the point that it is the Autism itself which is the cause of the problem.

Rather than saying, “let’s look into your childhood and find out what happened to make you so highly emotional”, a better question might be, “let’s look at how feeling hyper sensitive has impacted your life”. It’s almost like taking the opposite approach, if you like.

Many people with ASD need help in coming up with new ways of acting and developing strategies which allow them to be themselves, rather than always trying to fit into other people’s expectations. I’m happy to work with you whatever stage you’re at on your journey. Perhaps you’ve done some research and suspect that you have Autism Spectrum Disorder, or perhaps you’re confident in self-diagnosing. You may already have an official diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. I’m not a psychologist or psychiatrist and do not offer a diagnosis but I’m happy to help you explore why you feel you might have autism.

The main focus of my work is on helping women with autism, or those who suspect they are autistic, to lead fulfilling lives where they can reach their potential. So many women with autism struggle throughout their lives, trying to blend in and mask who they really are. I want to help you discover what feels like an authentic life. I’ll then support you in your steps to create that life, exploring how you can look at your life through the lens of autism and how you can foster a sense of confidence and acceptance in yourself.