Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching can help women with all of these issues:


Finding someone who understands Autism Spectrum Disorder has been life changing. I’ve seen various therapists over the years and none has helped me as much as Claire has over the last few months.

Maria, Austin, Texas

I can’t begin to say how life changing it’s been working with Claire since I discovered I had Autism Spectrum Disorder. When you’re diagnosed, it changes everything and Claire has been so supportive during those early days when I didn’t know what to make of my autism. 

Lauren, Vancouver, Canada

I contacted Claire after reading her blog on Psychology Today. I wasn’t even sure I’d get an answer but I had six sessions for narcissistic abuse and it’s been so helpful. You can tell Claire really knows her stuff and she’s very kind when it comes to dealing with some really deep issues.

Annabelle, London

Using hypnotherapy has helped me lose three stone. I found it so much easier than any time I’ve tried to lose weight in the past, the visualisation and motivation exercises were fantastic and we looked at my emotional reasons for eating. The five sessions with Claire gave me all the support I needed and now I’ve got the skills to take all this forward for life.

Jackie, Dunfermline

I found Claire’s details in the middle of the night when I thought I was going mad during a hot flush and following a terrible fight with my husband. I was finding my menopausal symptoms unbearable, especially when it came to the awful mood swings. My GP suggested HRT, but I wasn’t that keen because of the side effects. After seeing Claire for a few weeks I can honestly say I got my life back. Relaxation techniques, adjusting my life expectations and tools for dealing with hot flushes and mod swings all had a huge impact. I feel better now than I have done for years.

Sheila, Alloa

I came to see Claire in 2015. I had hit a wall when trying to deal with making some positive healthy changes, and I was also experiencing an anxiety which was negatively effecting several areas of my life. Over the course of several weeks Claire and I worked together on these issues. I found Claire to be a great listener, who really undertook to understand my point of view. After only the first week I began to experience positive changes, and these have carried on well after our sessions stopped. I am absolutly sure I could not have made the changes I needed to on my own. What is even better is that hypnotherapy is painless, you do not need to relive painful experiences, but only look forward to the future. Claire also taught me several techniques that I have been using on my own since. I am really amazed at the ability of our minds to heal ourselves, and think that with a skilled and experienced therapist we could all be enjoying greater health and wellbeing. I wuldn’t hesitate to recommend Claire, and hope everyone can have the positive change I have.

Caroline, Glasgow