Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching can help women with all of these issues:


It wasn’t until I turned 50 that I suspected I might have Autism Spectrum Disorder. I’ve seen so many therapists in the past and never got far. Claire’s “Becoming an Authentically Autistic Woman” coaching programme has truly transformed my life. Claire just “got” me and knew what I was on about in a way that no-one has before. I was feeling terrible that I might be autistic, but now I see so much potential in moving forwards. 

Danielle, Michigan

I can’t begin to say how life changing it’s been working with Claire since I discovered I had Autism Spectrum Disorder. When you’re diagnosed, it changes everything and Claire has been so supportive during those early days when I didn’t know what to make of my autism. 

Lauren, Vancouver, Canada

I contacted Claire when I was just finding out about autism. As part of the coaching programme, she went through a checklist of my symptoms and, although she pointed out that it wasn’t a formal diagnosis, she told me why she thought I might well be on the autistic spectrum. She then helped me not only come to terms with having autism, but seeing it as a positive development in terms of pursuing a much more meaningful life. I have just loved doing the coaching programme. 

Emily, Texas

I had a lot of issues trying to persuade my GP to send me for a psychiatric evaluation. I was put on a waiting list which was estimated to be about a year. I had a one-off session with Claire during which we went through everything from my childhood to how I thought autism was affecting me now. I know this isn’t an official diagnosis, but it was so helpful to know I was probably on the right path while I was waiting to see a psychiatrist. 

Christine, Glasgow